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For over 25 years, John Ansell Photography has been the leading photographer servicing Gippsland’s Primary and Secondary schools.

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We offer a range of add on products for you to purchase with your Portrait Packages.
The date for school photography can be found on the front of your child’s envelope. You will need to return your order by this day.
Replacement envelopes are available at your school office. If you wish to order online and have lost your original envelope you can contact the school office for your unique ‘access key’.
We photograph every student at school on the day, regardless of whether they have an order or not. If you ordered online then you can keep your envelope as we will generate a replacement one for you. If you were wanting to pay by cash/cheque then you can simply forward your envelope directly to our office. If you are within 2 weeks of photo day then your order will be delivered with everyone else’s. Later than 2 weeks and your order may come after the main delivery.

Sometimes different combinations of operating systems, devices, browsers and your own security settings can affect how the online system operates. Trying a different computer or browser (For example Edge or Internet Explorer or Mozilla) can often help.

This usually occurs because A): Your spam filter has moved it to your spam folder or B): You have inadvertently typed your email address incorrectly. If this is the case you will need to contact our office to correct the error. Failure to do so will mean you won’t receive your link for the ‘digital download’ part of your order.

If you have your original envelope you can order online at any time. You can also choose to send your order directly to us, or drop it in to our office at anytime. However orders received after the main delivery has been made to school will incur a price increase.

You simply need to call our studio on 5174 7714 and arrange for them to come in and have their photo taken. We have several days each month where we are available between 3:00pm and 5:30pm to take ‘missed’ students.

Yes if your school is offering the sibling photo option. There is a separate envelope for Sibling Groups available at your school office. This will provide you with information about packages available and will have a unique ‘access key’ printed on the front for you to order online if you wish. Your children need to be sure to come when sibling photos are being taken on the day.

You simply need to call our studio on 5174 7714 and arrange for them to come in and have their photo taken. We have several days each month where we are available between 3:00pm and 5:30pm to take ‘missed’ sibling groups.

We accept cash, cheque, money order, Visa, MasterCard and debit card. Credit/Debit card payments can only be made online.Cash, cheques and money orders can be placed inside the order envelope. Please seal your envelope for security purposes.

Our normal delivery time is 4 weeks from when we get approval of names and proofs from your school.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your child’s photo you can choose between having a ‘reshoot’ at our studio in Traralgon, or a refund of your money.

No. We do not offer digital manipulation of any students. If you have a specific request this must be made prior to school photo day, and we will require approval from you, as the parent, in writing along with an additional fee. You will need to phone our studio to discuss this.

No. You can elect to collect your order in person from our studio or sent to you via post (you will need to pay a postage fee). Please contact our office prior to school photo day to organise this.

You can contact us by phone on 0351747714 or via this contact form to discuss your business portrait needs. We take the time and care to create amazing photos that you will love.

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